Bahriddin I. Software Engineer
Muhammad X. Growth specialist
Abduaziz Z.
Boisxon B. Marketer
Azizbek K. Mobile developer
Xayrulloh M. Product designer
Otabek O. Front End | React | Nextjs Developer
Abduvohid T. Frontend Developer
Sirojiddin Y. Python Backend Developer
Uktamjon D. Python Backend Developer
Alisher U. Frontend Developer
Javohir Y. Quality Assurance
UmarAli M. Software engineer
Mirazam G. Frontend developer
Nurxayot M. Project Manager
Mirjalol T. Product Designer
Jasurbek I. Project Manager
Yashin B. Business Development Manager
Humoyun H.
Iftixor R. Software engineer
Aziz H. Senior Java Developer
Jasur I.
Avazbek A. Frontend devoloper
Mohirbek M. Backend developer (Java)
John D. Backend Developer
Hayot R. Backend developer
Xudoyor A. WebDevoloper
Aziz G. Backend developer
Abumuslim A. java backend developer
Tokhirov F. Full-stack
Foziljon S. UX/UI Designer
Asrorbek A. Product designer
Kamronbek M.
Ulugbek S. Frontend developer
Javohir H. FrontEnd Developer
Dilnoza I.
Рустам М. Копирайтер
Islomjon R. Marketer
Kamron A. Data Scientist / Web - developer
Азамат Б. Support teacher
Азам Р. Frontend
Farrux E. Backend developer
Dilshod A. Dasturchi
Muxammadsodiq X.
Elnur S. Backend developer
Test T. Test
Arslonbek A. Data Scientist
Test T.
Бобир Б. Копирайтер
Asadullo A. .Net Developer
Zubayda Z.
John D. Backend Developer
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Suxrob G. Freelance
Sard Y. Dizayner
Test T. Project manager, Product manager
Test3 T. Product Manager
Test5 T. Product manager
Jasurbek I.
Test T.
Muattar Q.
Shuhrat M. Backend developer
Dilmurod M. Web site developer and seo internet ads
Sanjar Z. Test Automation Engineer
Фаррух А. Investor
Riskaliev M. AI/ML | NLP engineer c. c.
Bekzod T. Java Backend Developer
Bobur S.
Ravshanbek I. Project Manager
G'olib N. Software engineer
Islombek M. Backend developer
Mukhammadrasul K. Full Stack Python Devaloper
Azizbek K. Flutter
Dillon R. VC consultant
Abu S. Designer
Мухриддин К. Graphic designer
Alisher A. CTO
Bahromjon M.
Ibrokhim T. Engineer
Mukhriddin K. Frontend developer
Timur U. Full stack developer
Mukhlisa Z. Recruiter
A'zamjon B. Data scientist
Doston S. Backend developer
Shukhrat A. Business development consultant, Business analyst
Anvarjon A. Sales and Marketing Specialists
Sarvar A. Backend developer
Bekhruz S. Product Manager
Azimjon N.
Temurbek B.
Xurrambek S. Fullstack developer
Shakhzod Z. Motion Designer
Bek S. Backend Developer ( Node.js | Golang )
Dilshoda A. Frontend developer
Abdurauf A. Backend developer
Kamoljon I. Python Software engineer
Nurmuxammad B. Frontend Dev.
Dostonbek K. Backend Developer
Dono K. UI designer/Mobile developer
Dilafruza J. .NET Back-end Developer
Umidjon S. Full stack NodeJs developer
Zafarjon M. Sales & Marketing Operations Specialist
Doston S. Backend developer
Po'lot S. Java software engineer
Otabek A. Flutter developer
Jamoliddin T. Machine Learning Specialist
Jurabek S.
Khayitboy K.
Azizjon M. Backend Developer
Boburmirzo S. Nodejs Backend developer
Mirafzal S. DevOps Engineer
Ulugbek T. Economist, data scientist, researcher
Islombek K.
Murtazo K. Backend Engineer
Marjona R. Data Scientist
Azizbek T. Software Engineer
Olim S.
Bakhrom S. Full Stack Developer
Gulhayo R. Designer
Abrorbek M. SEO specialist
Abdulloh J. Full Stack Developer
Asadbek S. Data scientist
Husanboy A. Software Engineer
Abbos A. Backend Developer
Sarvarbek A. Backend Developer
Akobir T.
Arabjon N. Php Laravel developer
Zukhriddin F. ML engineer
Sanjarbek F. Flutter developer
Zukhrahon G. AI / ML Developer
Fotimakhon G. AI / ML Developer
Ulugbek A. Frontend Developer
Jamshidbek K. Java Software Engineer
Kamola X. Бухгалтер (accountant)
Akobir N. Data Science/ML engineer
Rustamjon A. UX/UI designer
Bahrom X. Software Engineer
Saydaliyev E. Back end developer
Abdulbosit K. Senior Flutter Developer
Isfandiyor S.
Xojiakbar S. Frontend developer
Ortiq H.
Ilyoskhon A. Facebook Ads | Digital Marketing
Iqboljon H. Frontend developer
Zohidjon A. Android developer
Jaloliddin M. Backend developer
Kuvonchbek K. Fullstack Developer (React, .NET)
Bekhruz M.
Nodirbek V. Frontend Developer
Nodirbek A. Software Engineer
Shaxboz A.
Elbek K. Backend developer
Javohir J.
Lobar T. Hamshiralik
Abdumannon S. Software Engineer
Abdulatif S. php Backend developer
Sanjarbek T. Backend Developer (Python)
Jaloliddin E. Data Scientist
Merojiddin S. Frontend developer
Sirojiddin U. Junior Machine Learning & AI Engineer
Ibrohim A. Software Engineer
Asadullo Akhmedov

.Net Developer

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.Net Developer

I'm a software engineer on a mission to craft innovative solutions. With experience in building large scale applications, web services, and cicd pipelines, I'm passionate about using technology to streamline processes and tackle challenges. My colleagues describe me as a skilled developer with a knack for collaboration. Whether it's wrangling code or brainstorming ideas, I bring a positive attitude and a can-do spirit to every project.


.net core
Employment history

Consolsys Sdn Bhd

January 2018 - Present
Senior Software Engineer

Developing solutions using NET, .Net Core and C# Upgrading existing .NET projects to .NET6 (.NET8) Dealing with DevOps tasks: - Creating cicd pipelines in gitlab - Bringing up inhouse K8s clusters - Writing deployment yamls for microservices and deploying to k8s environment


October 2014 - November 2017
Software Developer

- developing software prototypes to track data updates in Oracle 11/12 using Oracle LogMiner; - Developing Web Services (JBoss, Oracle, Mysql, Mssql, Java 7, RESTEasy, Threads, Multithreading, JSF, JavaFX, Maven, TFS); - Automated Data Entry System (Java 7, MySQL, MS SQL SERVER, Vaadin, Maven, Git) - Android applications: Google Maps integration, NFC reader, Triangulation based on Wi-Fi signals.