Bahriddin I. Software Engineer
Muhammad X. Growth specialist
Abduaziz Z.
Azimjon M.
Sanjar Z. Test Automation Engineer
Boisxon B. Marketer
Azizbek K. Mobile developer
Xayrulloh M. Product designer
Otabek O. Front End | React | Nextjs Developer
Abduvohid T. Frontend Developer
Sirojiddin Y. Python Backend Developer
Uktamjon D. Python Backend Developer
Alisher U. Frontend Developer
Javohir Y. Quality Assurance
UmarAli M. Software engineer
Mirazam G. Frontend developer
Nurxayot M. Project Manager
Mirjalol T. Product Designer
Jasur I. Project Manager
Yashin B. Business Development Manager
Humoyun H.
Iftixor R. Software engineer
Aziz H. Senior Java Developer
Jasur I.
Avazbek A. Frontend devoloper
Mohirbek M. Backend developer (Java)
John D. Backend Developer
Hayot R. Backend developer
Xudoyor A. WebDevoloper
Aziz G. Backend developer
Abumuslim A. java backend developer
Tokhirov F. Full-stack
Foziljon S. UX/UI Designer
Asrorbek A. Product designer
Kamronbek M.
Ulugbek S. Frontend developer
Javohir H. FrontEnd Developer
Dilnoza I.
Рустам М. Копирайтер
Islomjon R. Marketer
Kamron A. Data Scientist / Web - developer
Азамат Б. Support teacher
Азам Р. Frontend
Farrux E. Backend developer
Dilshod A. Dasturchi
Muxammadsodiq X.
Elnur S. Backend developer
Test T. Test
Arslonbek A. Data Scientist
Test T.
Бобир Б. Копирайтер
Asadullo A. .Net Developer
Zubayda Z.
John D. Backend Developer
ozodbek h. no kode worldpres wix tilda va rabata tehnika dasturchisi
Suxrob G. Freelance
Abduvohid Toshpo'latov

Frontend Developer

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Frontend Developer

Tashkent Vocational College of communication Sep 2016 - Jun 2019 College of communication, Tashkent Installation, operation of telecommunication technologies, switching and transmission systems and data transfer network technician "WASAF INT SOLUTIONS" MAS`ULIYATI CHEKLANGAN JAMIYAT Jan 2022 - Jan 2024 Frontend Developer, Tashkent-Development of an administrative panel for managing data and settings of web applications-Creating and maintaining code that enables administrators to interact with web pages and applications-Optimization of performance and loading speed of the administrative panel-Development and support of mobile adaptability and responsiveness of the administrative panel-Code testing and debugging, bug fixing and performance improvement--Use of modern technologies and frameworks such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Void, Vue2 ,3 TypeScript, Nuxt 2, 3 and others-Collaboration with designers and other developers to create full-fledged web applications-Providing assistance and advice to interns on frontend development issues-Participation in the development of training plans and programs for an internship in front-end development. In addition, we worked with our team on,, hr-Portal, Elon bizda, ibrat-farsandari, rlab and a number of other projects


Employment history


January 2023 - April 2024
Frontend Developer


October 2023 - Present
Frontend developer